Production Design/Art Direction News updated 01/05/09

I found this on youtube the other day, stop it at the 0:11 mark -

that's my painting 'NP1' and it's upside down ;P


This entry is to clarify where I'm heading with Chuck Voelter Designs: Although I consider myself primarily an artist (and a painter in particular), my extensive knowledge and experience at designing and building both spaces and objects is something I'll always cultivate and is always for hire. While some find it confusing (myself included, on occasion) I take to heart the words of Richard Heinlein:

"A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects."

I'm not even sure what 'conn' a ship means but I know I want to find out (okay I finally looked it up - it means 'steer') - point being that it's a wide world and knowledge is power. How does this relate to my work philosophy? Simply put, it means that I'm not afraid to try new things.

In the new year I'll be re-designing the site to more evenly reflect my current focus on design and fine art.

I'm happy to report a large painting sale, "Leash on Life" is now owned by Anne and Tim Jarvis, Austin, TX.


Darkness descended on my family once again this year as my dear sister Alison died on Oct. 3. She was an amazing woman and will be sorely missed. R.I.P. sweet sister.


I'm very happy to have artistic representation in two new markets, Jules Place in Boston and Bering and James in Houston. I'm fortunate to be included in these stables of great artists and I'm looking forward to long, prosperous relationships with both.


I have sad news to report today. My dad died on May 8. It was unexpected although he had recently gone to live at the V.A Hospital's alzheimers unit. He was a very talented man, an excellent architect, fine musician. He loved his wife, Jesus and my sister and me, fairly well in that order. I plan on posting a set of pictures of his buildings in the central Texas area soon. R.I.P. Charlie Voelter.


Time to check in so check it!

I've painted a lot in the last couple of years, sold 17 pieces in '07 thanks to Jennie and Mia at Metropolitan. Our goal for '08 is to get me painting full-time. I know my painting page needs a serious update; for now I'm going to use Flickr. And heeeere's the link!

On Christmas Eve '07 I quit smoking cigarettes! Everyone says how hard it is to quit to which I say 'bullshit'. Better living through chemistry my friends; I used Chantix which blocks the nicotine receptors in your brain effectively weaning you off nicotine before you've actually quit. It's easy so JUST DO IT.

One of my favorite film buddies was in town recently for SXSW; here he is holding Rhett. Speaking of Rhett, how's this for cute? Well, what about this? That's a good segueway into a few vaca pics; Sam at the ski lodge, Mom, Rhett and Hannah at Bandolier; Sam at Bandolier and one more (at, guess where?). Santa Fe was awesome thanks to Cin's bro Jamie and his wife Diana; they introduced us to Ten Thousand Waves, a most beautiful Japanese spa that has re-kindled my dream of building and running such a place. If you haven't got the dough for a spa day and you feel adventurous, stop on Hwy 4, 6 miles north of the town of Jemez Springs and hike up to Spence hot spring. We did!



Okay world, please welcome Rhett Voelter! Cindy and I were delighted to welcome our baby son into this existence on October 19, 2006. He's been an amazing joy, source of inspiration and teacher (yeah, teaching me patience!). I plan on an entire page devoted to his exploits but for now, check out this picture.


I've uploaded six painting images to the Saatchi Gallery's YourGallery website. This is an interesting development for artists, a site hosted by an extremely influential gallery with no qualifications, just images of art. The link to my page is here.


I'm happy to now be represented as a painter by Metropolitan Fine Art in Austin. A link to their website is here.


Check out my new MySpace page! The link is here. As of this update there are two songs, "Smile" and "Surprised" available to download. Enjoy. update! now you can listen to 'California' and 'Momma' as well. Get it!

Art directed a commercial for Texas A&M for Unleaded Productions out of Dallas. Good Times.

Wedding bells rang recently for yours truly, I married my highschool sweetheart, Cindy on June 26. I played three songs that I wrote for/about Cindy accompanied by a string quartet. It was beautiful if I do say so. All our families and friends (from as far away as Los Angeles!), awesome food, all-in-all a magical day. We spent our honeymoon in New Orleans and were terribly upset by the subsequent devastation caused by Katrina. Austin has opened its heart to the displaced families and we are proud to be a part of that effort.

Also, I've added some song files to the music page; they're 'old' ones, check back for some cool new ones.


Wow! So much to report I don't know where to begin... I've relocated to my home state of Tejas, Austin to be specific, recently voted the "#1 place to film and live" by Moviemaker magazine. My girlfriend and I just bought an incredible little house, a 'mid-century' ('53) jewel, the architect of which was an amazing character, A.D. Stenger. Never heard of him? Neither has anyone else outside a hip circle of friends for whom he designed dozens of amazing homes. I'm writing a book on the man, who once lassoed a polar bear (things got ugly and he had to shoot it - duh!). Look for a page on this project soon including pics of our home and some of the others.

Apparantly I have a friend/fan at Aint It Cool News; hey Rav, did I know you in L.A.? Anyway, thanks for the mention in your Sundance preview. Hope you like the film! Link to the article here.


'Lomesome Jim' premiered Saturday January 22nd at 11:30 a.m. at the Sundance Film Festival. In attendance were director Steve Buscemi, stars Casey Affleck, Mary Kay Place, Seymour Cassels, Kevin Corrigan and Mark Boone Junior. Also there were DP Phil Parmet, editor Plummy Tucker, costume designer Vicki Farrell, producers Galt Niederhoffer, Celine Rattray, Daniella Soto-Taplin, Regan Silber and InDigEnt's Jake Abraham (there were a coupla others too that I either don't know or didn't meet - sorry!). Oh, and of course, Jim Strouse who wrote the original screenplay and was busy beaming over his beautiful six-month old daughter Magnolia. It's been a productive year for Jim and Galt! ANYWAY - the screening went very well! Were keeping our fingers crossed for a nice deal.


Painting show update: The opening of the new Seem gallery space, featuring my paintings, is now Thurs., May 20. The address is 8211 W. 3rd St., phone: 323-653-5663. Come out and buy something already...

I've added some new illustrations done for Production Design mega-force Kiki Giet for an M&M's commercial. Click this link to see them.

Shooting has wrapped on 'Lonesome Jim' and editing has begun. Look for an LJ page here soon.

Looks like I'm off to Indiana for six weeks to be the designer on Steve Buscemi's latest directorial effort "Lonesome Jim". The script, written by James Strouse is brilliant, and the lineup is: Casey Affleck, Liv Tyler, Kevin Corrigan, Seymour Cassels and Mary Kay Place. We begin shooting March 13. The picture is being given life by InDigEnt Films of NYC. I'm currently trying to wrap up art direction for the game show 'Deal or No Deal', designed by the larger-than-life Bruce Ryan.

Was privileged to meet the amazing Dante Ferretti at a little cafe in Palm Springs where he was giving a lecture. I told him I would love to sharpen pencils for him someday. He was very gracious and effusive.

I now have two galleries showing my paintings: Primarily, Seem Interiors ( in Beverly Hills (also there are three at Art-Pic in North Hollywood). Seem is going to host an opening for my works sometime in mid April, 2004. To see some photos of my paintings go to the art page. Keep in mind, there are multiple layers of polyurethane on the new ones and I have a hard time getting images of them that reflect their depth. Ya just gotta see 'em.

Recently worked on a David LaChapelle shoot; the subject? Muhammad Ali. Click here to see a polaroid pulled off the floor after the shoot.

Dallas 362 has just played the Toronto Film Festival and is getting excellent reviews! Word is that a distribution deal should be in place very soon. Here are some links to some of the awesome reviews to be found on the web:

here's another scroll down to 'Thu 11'

and another scroll down to 'Day 9'

And here's a link straight to the Dallas 362 page

UPDATE: Just finished art directing a movie, 'Red Riding Hood', a musical adaptation of the classic fairy tale starring Joey Fatone (N'Sync) and Lainie Kazan. Directed by Randal Kleiser ('Grease', 'Blue Lagoon' among many others), this film was shot using the latest digital technology. Working with production designer Kiki Giet, I did all of the set designs and illustrations for the show. We built some amazing 'partial' sets which were surrounded by blue and shot with an 'encodacam' system which sends digital information to a program which composites the backgrounds in in real time and perspective. It was great seeing the designs 'come to life' even while being shot against a blue screen (and floors, the painting and cleaning of which became my biggest nightmare!). We worked closely with the incredible guys from Sandman Studios (Steve and James) who built the composites according to our designs in very short time. Overall an amazing experience. Check the art direction photo album for some pics.

Dallas 362 won the Critics Choice award at the CineVegas Film Festival in June!

I Found out recently that 'Dallas and Rusty" is now "Dallas 362". I inadvertantly helped name the film when I grabbed the number '362' out of thin air for a highway sign at the end of the movie. Any numerologists care to speculate?

UPDATE: I landed a song in a movie! Check 'music news' below. 3/14/03

UPDATE: Finished shooting 'SAVE IT FOR LATER' on around December 14. The shoot went amazingly well, except for a day of reshooting because of a lost audio roll. Big kudos to all of my crew: Theo Fanning - Art Director, Laura Evans - set decorator, Ben Leon - art assistant and last but not least, Greg and Mark Runnels. To call them mere 'swing guys' is an insult.


10/27/02 - Curently in San Francisco prepping a feature called 'Save It for Later'. So far Teresa Russell and Gabrielle Anwar are scheduled to star. We're building a loft space in a gutted brick barracks on the Presidio grounds. There are @ twenty locations around San Francisco that we're using also.

It's cold and rainy here, we're bracing for many late, wet nights. The good part is working with friends: Mike Crawford is line producing, with Scotty and Squirrel at his back...Abigail Nieto is doing costumes, my second film with her. These four are my roomies...we're sharing a six bedroom house in Pacific Heights that's our office also.


Designed a music video for the band 12 Stones for their song 'The Way I Feel' the second week of July. The shoot was helmed by acclaimed director Greg Dark for Atlas Pictures. The band has been touring with Creed and doing well. We shot at Van Nuys High School and Griffith Park (where our smoke machine/flame throwers gave us fits - don't want to burn the park up you know...)


Designed a four minute video for the US Army's new science competition going by the title 'eCybermissions' the first week of July. The spot will be running on Channel One which is beamed to classrooms across the country. It was directed by Jay Gibson and line produced by the indupitable Mike Crawford.


Shooting wrapped on 'Dallas and Rusty' at the end of April. The latest word I have on the film is that the picture is 'locked' (meaning the editing process is finished) and only needs looping and whatnot before the answer print. We should have a screening sometime in early/mid October... Test audiences (who have no connection with the film whatsoever) are reportedly enamored of it, care about the characters etc. This has been my finest experience to date as a Production Designer. Thanks to the cast and crew for a memorable time. See the Production Design/film page for lots of details, photos and humorous anecdotes...

Music News updated updated 3/14/03

One of my songs has been chosen to be in the latest movie I designed, 'Save it for Later'. The song is called 'Nature' and can be heard on my page.

Work continues, albeit slowly, on the new Chuck Voelter CD at the studio of Andy Shigekawa in Culver City. For a preview see the music page and click on '' or just go there -